UBER Terms and Conditions

By using this voucher, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. You may use the voucher only if you are a student undertaking study at Curtin University’s Bentley Campus, commencing your studies in September 2018.
  2. The voucher may be used only for the purpose of transporting you from Perth Airport direct to your accommodation.  Multiple stops for other purposes are not permitted.
  3. The voucher is valid only for use within the Perth Metropolitan area.
  4. The voucher is non-transferrable, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  5. You must not engage in any activity which causes Curtin to breach the terms of its Uber Customer Corporate Account.
  6. Any use of this voucher in excess of the stated restrictions will be at your expense, and will be recoverable from you by Curtin.
  7. Any personal information collected by Curtin as a result of your use of this service will be handled in accordance with Curtin’s privacy policy.
  8. We provide no warranty as to the service you will receive from Uber, and we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of your use of the Uber service, except to the extent mandated by law.