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The International Student Faculty Representative is a co-curriculum program which focuses on building students leadership and employability skills. As part of the program, students will have the opportunity to work with the International Recruitment Consultant in their faculty to showcase their discipline to varying stakeholders. Throughout the year, the participants will be involved in project management initiatives, public speaking opportunities and discipline focused workshops. Participants will build relationships with prospective students, faculty staff and Curtin International partners. This program focuses on the following development stream:

Leadership: through the social change model of leadership development, you’ll develop your leadership skills and capabilities.

Develop your leadership skills and receive official academic recognition to add to your CV! All activities will be officially recognized and a certificate signed by the Academic registrar will be provided upon graduation.  Participants can track their progress via the Curtin Extra Dashboard on UniHub.


We are looking for International students who are in their their second semester of studies (or later) and have a course weight average (CWA) of 60 or more.

What you will be doing:

Students will:

  • Undertake consultations with prospective international students.
  • Will help with event management with the International recruitment consultants.
  • Will help develop and deliver course specific workshops and webinars to prospective students and key stakeholders, with the International recruitment consultants.

Application close date:  30 March 2020

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