Information for sponsored students

Before you arrive at Curtin:

It is important to note that prospective students need to make their own enquiries about scholarship opportunities available within their home country or about potential sponsorship opportunities (such as support from your employer) to study in Australia.

It will be necessary for sponsored students and their sponsor organisations to be identified at either the application and/or acceptance stage of admission to Curtin. In order to do this, it is important that essential university sponsor forms are completed and returned during the application or acceptance process:

  • Sponsored student information form must be completed for each student by the sponsor. This form also contains important information about visas, invoicing arrangements for tuition, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), living expenses and other essential information.
  • Sponsored student disclosure of information form must be completed by each student.
  • Sponsorship agreement must be completed by new sponsors when they send their first student to Curtin. Only one agreement is required between the sponsor and Curtin and is valid for five years from the date it is signed unless a shorter period of validity is otherwise mutually agreed by both parties in writing.  If the sponsoring body does not return the Sponsorship Agreement to Curtin International, the student will be liable for payment of their own tuition fees.

When you arrive at Curtin

It is important for all new sponsored students to report to the ISSU at Curtin International (Perth Campus, Building 102) as soon as you arrive to meet your delegated Sponsored Student Officer who will assist you throughout your studies and liaise with your sponsor.

The ISSU provides the following services (at no extra charge) for sponsors and sponsored students:

  • Individual case management. Students and sponsors will have access to a delegated sponsored student officer regarding any issues that arise during their studies. Sponsored student officers can liaise between the student, sponsor and Curtin.
  • identification of ‘students at risk’
  • end of semester academic reports
  • annual research progress reports
  • pastoral support for the families of sponsored students, including assistance in obtaining schooling for school aged dependants
  • social events including an informal sponsored student graduation.

Change of course

If the student wishes to change course, they must submit another University application and the sponsor must complete a new Sponsored student information form to confirm the course change approval.

Sponsorship extensions

If the student does not complete the course by the sponsorship end date, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the sponsor to discuss a sponsorship extension. If the extension is granted, a new Sponsored Student Information Form must be completed and returned to the ISSU (or a Letter of Financial Guarantee provided by the sponsor outlining the details of the extension). Note: the University does not invoice sponsors for OSHC renewals to cover a student during the visa extension period. Students must pay their own OSHC renewal and, if applicable, send their OSHC receipt directly to the sponsor for reimbursement.