Support services

The following information is specific for Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) recipients only.

The AAS Student Contact Officers (SCO’s) are located in the International Sponsored Student Unit (ISSU). You will meet with your Student Contact Officer as soon as you arrive at Curtin.

Orientation for AAS students

As an AAS student, you will undertake an in-depth orientation program to help you settle into university life. The orientation is made up of two parts: the Introductory Academic Program for AAS students, and Orientation Week for all international and domestic students.

Introductory Academic Program

The Introductory Academic Program introduces you to Curtin and prepares you for your studies. It runs for four weeks, and covers a variety of topics that will help you successfully transition into Australian university life.

Orientation Week (O-Week)

At O-Week, you will be presented with a busy, fun-filled week long timetable of activities and information sessions that prepare you for your studies and allow you to familiarise yourself with the Perth Campus.

What to expect during O-Week.

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