Our AAS Students

Find out what our Australia Awards Scholarship graduates are achieving in their home country.

Read what our Scholarships graduates are achieving in their home country

Naprey Almario, Philippines, Master of Information Systems and Technology

Naprey is a leader of a non-government organisation called Association of Differently-abled Persons (ADAP) that generally promotes the welfare of people with disability in the Philippines. Naprey is a person in a wheelchair and when he arrived in Perth, he was amazed by the facilities for people with a disability.

Naprey has been able to establish a network here in Australia with some Filipinos and other nationalities that are helpful and supportive of his journey here in Australia. Naprey is also the current President of the Curtin Filipino Student Society.

Nurah Tijani Oseni, Nigeria, Master of Food Science and Technology

“Curtin had a syllabus for my course that impressed me. All other universities in Australia place food science under engineering or applied science, but at Curtin it is under the School of Public Health. So, I learn the principles and science of food, the technology behind it, and also the everyday effects and applications of its consumption. A degree in food science from Curtin places me above my counterparts because I can relate it to health, which is the most important aspect of food consumption.

I am currently a research scientist with the Nigerian Institute for Oil and Palm Research (NIFOR). I am involved in product development, value addition and waste management techniques of oil plants. After my degree at Curtin, I intend to extend my research into the health implications of oils and fats and modification techniques.”

Adzika Nsatimba Patience Abla, Ghana, Master of Public Health

“I chose to study at Curtin because of the educational success Curtin has achieved over the years in public health education. Having a degree from Curtin will place me at a better position in the health sector and in the job market. My time at Curtin has really exposed me to new ways of critical thinking and analysing situations, and my course has prepared me to make good judgements, and plan and implement health promotion programs successfully.

I am currently involved in mental health, and my career plan is to be able to help people who are mentally challenged in Ghana to live a better life in their communities.”

Mercy Oluwayemisi Abdullahi, Nigeria, Master of Education

“Being in Australia to study has been an awesome experience. I didn’t miss home much because I met people who share my cultural background, [and found] some places to buy my local food and lots of interesting places to visit. My stay has been filled with all kinds of events to keep busy, ranging from the Guild program to the faculty and clubs, and friends too have helped to settle me and make the experience splendid! The ISSU, too, made my stay splendid because they are willing to help anytime the need arises and make me know I am not alone even if I’m miles away from home.

In the future, I am seriously considering continuing my education to a doctoral level to become a full time educationist. I am also considering starting a school of my own to be modelled after the system of Curtin University.”

Moch Abdul Kobir, Indonesia, Doctor of Philosophy (Economics and Finance)

“My time studying at Curtin is one of the best experiences of my life. It is advancing my knowledge, skills and capacity with international quality.

I have been prepared to be a potential leader in the future of Indonesia with my professional and personal qualities, academic competence, and most importantly, my potential to impact on developmental challenges in Indonesia.

Australia is a multicultural country, and I have some friends from different countries. I’m learning to build people-to-people linkages at individual, institutional and country levels. My wife, wearing a hijab, can work full-time in an international environment and even my three kids can still study in Australia. My family and I are happy to live in Perth.

I am currently pursing a career in the Directorate General of Treasury in the Ministry of Finance in the Republic of Indonesia. I would like to be a key policy maker in the Ministry of Finance in the future.”

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