Parking and transport

Hear what our students have to say about parking and transport in Perth


There are plenty of parking options at Curtin University and our pay-as-you-go system means you only pay for the time you park on campus during the semester. You can pay by phone, app or web.


Perth has a growing transport network allowing you to travel safely and easily. It is easy to access popular destinations including Fremantle, Kings Park and Perth’s beaches and you can travel into the heart of the city by bus, train, car or ferry. As a student, there are travel concessions and you’ll be able to enjoy discounted – and sometimes free – public transport with a SmartRider transport card.

A photo of the Curtin Bus Station

“I have a SmartRider transport card, it is good because it applies to international students and you’ve got an easy way to get everywhere in Perth.”

Silvia Torres, Peru, Master of Project Management, Curtin University

You can travel to the Perth Campus by car, bus or bicycle. The campus is located only six kilometres from Perth city centre and has its own bus terminal. Buses run every 15 minutes during the day, connecting the university with train stations, shopping centres and the city. There is a free hail-and-ride bus service for students living in the local suburbs.

Driving in Perth

To drive in Perth, you’ll need to have an international driver’s licence, or an Australian driver’s licence if you’re staying for more than three months. You can take your Australian driver’s test in Perth.

It’s easy to buy a new or used car – just remember to budget for the costs of registration, fuel, insurance, parking and vehicle maintenance.

Riding your bike

Curtin actively encourages cycling to and from campus.

Find out more about cycling to Curtin.

A photo of a Bike Pod on campus

In addition to many bike racks around campus, there are secure bicycle enclosures with shower facilities. Entry to the facilities is by swipe card access, available from Curtin Security.