Local communities in Perth

While you’re studying in Perth, you can feel connected to your cultural background. Perth is a multicultural city where people from all ethnic backgrounds and beliefs are accepted.

Religious communities

In Western Australia, the most common religion is Christianity, both Catholic and Anglican. However, there are places of worship for all faiths.

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At Curtin, we have a multi-faith chaplaincy service, which can connect you with local faith communities. You could also choose to join on and off campus associations or social media groups to meet with others who share your beliefs.

Ethnic and cultural groups and events

Throughout the year, there are a number of special events and celebrations for different cultural groups, including celebrations for Chinese New Year.

The WA government Office of Multicultural Interests displays information about up-coming cultural events and you can find the contact details for all WA’s ethnic and cultural groups.

International food

Perth has international food festivals and restaurants catering for many tastes, including Indian, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean to name but a few.

At Curtin, we have many food outlets, including two that serve halal food. We also have pop-up food vans around campus, selling a wide selection of local and international food. If you prefer to cook your own food, or have specific religious or dietary requirements, you can easily find ingredients from local supermarkets and specialty shops to cook the type of meals that suit you most.

“We’ve got amazing food in Peru, but over here it’s different, it’s a kind of mixture. I enjoy [Australian] food - the texture and the flavour. But you can find the ingredients to cook the food you like over here. It’s not a problem.”

Silvia Torres, Peru. Master of Project Management at Curtin University