Health services

While studying in Australia, you will have access to a wide-range of high-quality medical services and the convenience of a doctor’s surgery, pharmacy and healthcare services based on the Perth Campus.

female doctor giving advice to a female patient

Purchasing overseas health insurance

You are required to purchase a specific type of private health insurance called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC); it is a condition of your student visa. Your OSHC health insurance will help cover the cost of health services including doctor’s appointments, prescription medication, hospital and ambulance services.

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General practitioners

If you want to speak with a doctor and it is not an emergency, you can schedule an appointment at a local doctor’s surgery. Local doctors are known as general practitioners (GPs).

GPs have experience with a wide range of medical conditions and issues and can assist you with:

  • general medicine and simple diagnostic screenings
  • assessment and treatment of health problems and injuries
  • women’s and men’s health
  • referrals to specialist services.

You’ll need to book an appointment to see most GPs; however, last minute appointments may be available if you telephone the doctor’s surgery early in the morning. You may find it convenient to use the GP service located on the Perth Campus.

If you need to see a doctor outside of surgery opening hours, you can to go to the emergency department at your local hospital for treatment.

Emergency health services

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, phone 0 000 from any campus phone or 000 from a mobile to call an ambulance service. Ambulance officers provide first aid and transportation to a hospital.

Prescription medication

You may receive a prescription for your medication from a qualified health provider. Take your prescription (also called a script) to a pharmacy to purchase your medicine. The cost of prescription medication may be different to your home country. There is a pharmacy located on the Perth Campus.


If you need to visit a dentist for dental work or dental check ups while studying in Australia, it is advisable to purchase additional healthcare that covers dental work. Most OSHC plans offer additional dental plans at a reasonable rate.

On-campus services

You can access a range of on-campus health services on the Perth Campus including:

  • a doctor’s surgery
  • a walk-in clinic for urgent, quick medical problems (available most mornings)
  • sports medicine and medicals for scuba diving
  • preventative healthcare, including pap smears, contraception, cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure checks
  • free nutritional advice from a dietitian
  • nursing care such as wound dressing, vaccinations and health education
  • free assistance with the management of mental health problems
  • lifestyle advice, including information on stress management, sexual health, stopping smoking and losing weight
  • counselling and disability services
  • physiotherapy services.