Semester dates

Curtin has 17 weeks per semester, with two semesters per year. Each semester is made up of 12 teaching weeks, two tuition free weeks, one study week and two exam weeks. We encourage you to use your tuition free weeks to explore Western Australia. Some courses are taught on a trimester basis.

The following calendar dates have been provided as a guide to assist you with planning your semester.  For all the important dates like exams, study periods and holidays, please also refer to Curtin’s Full  Academic Calendar for more information.

Semester 2, 2018 
Housing move in *16 July
Recommended arrival date ∆18 - 19 July
University Orientation Week (“O-Week”)23 - 27 July
Start date (First day of classes)30 July
Semester break #127 - 31 August
Semester break #224 - 28 September
Final exam dates12 - 23 November
First date to leave *25 November
Housing contract end date •3 December
Semester 1, 2019 
Housing contract commences4 February
Recommended arrival date 13 - 14 February
University Orientation Week (“O-Week”)18 - 22 February
Start date (First day of classes)25 February
Semester break #125 - 29 March
Semester break #222 - 26 April
Final exam dates10 - 21 June
First date to leave 22 June
Housing contract end date 8 July
Semester 2 , 2019 
Housing contract commences 15 July
Recommended arrival date 17 - 18 July
University Orientation Week (“O-Week”)22 - 26 July
Start date (First day of classes)29 July
Semester break #126 - 30 August
Semester break #230 September - 4 October
Final exam dates11 - 22 November
First date to leave 23 November
Housing contract end date 16 December

Please Note:

  1. Housing contract commences – This is the date your housing contract commences and you are able to move in. If you would like to arrange to move in before this date please contact Housing Services who will be able to confirm availability and any additional charges.
  2. Recommended arrival date – This is the date that most students begin to arrive and begin to meet each other.
  3. Curtin University Orientation Week (O-Week) – It is compulsory to attend “O-Week” as it is a great way to help familiarise yourself with the campus, meet other students, talk to teaching staff, locate classrooms, learn about the library, discover Curtin’s social networks and much more. Visit our Orientation website for more information.
  4. Classes commence – Classes begin!
  5. Semester Break #1  –  There are no classes scheduled during this period. It is called a Curtin tuition free week.
  6. Semester Break #2 – There are no classes scheduled during this period. It is called a Curtin tuition free week.
  7. Exam period – Examinations may be scheduled on any day or evening during the two week examination period, with the exception of Sundays. You should not make commitments to any other activities or travel over this period until you receive your personalised exam timetable. The examination timetable is published approximately 6 weeks prior to the exam period.
  8. Housing contract ends – This is the date that your housing contract ends and the date you need to move out by. If you would like to stay longer, you can discuss an extension with Housing Services. Housing Services will discuss availability and additional charges.
  • Dates are correct as at April 2018 and may be subject to change.