Test your English

Take the online placement test, known as Password, to determine what English class you will start in, what level you will finish at and if your chosen course duration will help you achieve your goals.

Curtin English can use Password to determine the number of weeks of English you need before you apply for entry to an undergraduate or postgraduate course at Curtin.

Password is not a proficiency test and cannot be used to meet the entry requirements of the English Language Bridging course or Curtin University mainstream courses.

About Password

When is Password required?

An English test result is necessary for Curtin English to accurately and confidently plan your English pathway to a Curtin University or Curtin College course. If you do not have a recognised English test result, Curtin English can use Password to help plan your pathway.

Who supervises Password?

Curtin University has registered agents and local representatives who administer and supervise Password.  The Password test result is only valid if the test is supervised by a registered Curtin agent or local representative and can only be used for applying to study at Curtin English.

Your agent must request a Password user code to enable you to sit the test. Agents can request a user code by emailing ci-apply@curtin.edu.au

The test is free-of-charge.

How many attempts do you get?

You are only allowed to sit the test once, regardless if the test is done onshore or offshore. In the event that you have sat the test more than once, we will use the test result of the first test. Password is valid for six months.

Once you have completed the test

Your agent or local representative must advise Curtin English at English.admissions@curtin.edu.au as soon as you have completed the test.  Curtin English will work out your English study plan based on your Password test.

Request to take Password

  1. Agents can request a Password Test on your behalf by emailing Curtin English at ci-apply@curtin.edu.au.
  2. If you have problems contacting a representative/agent in your region, please contact English.admissions@curtin.edu.au.

More information

For more information about Password, please visit the English Language Testing website (UK).