Navitas Partnership

Curtin English has an agreement with Navitas English to work in partnership for the delivery of classes at the lower levels of English. Curtin University Pathway students who need extended English will start their studies at Navitas English and transfer to Curtin English when they reach a level equivalent to IELTS 5.

As a Curtin student who needs extended English, you will begin your journey at Navitas English’s city centre school, which offers you a very different experience, studying with students of different backgrounds and motives. Once reaching the equivalent of an IELTS 5, you transfer to Curtin English on the vibrant Curtin University campus, getting used to university life before starting your mainstream course. It can be hard to maintain motivation when you have full time English study for a year or more. This change of environment, will help to break up your student journey and reduce this problem.

A strong Curtin identity is retained from day 1, you’ll be issued with a Curtin e-mail and student card. Students commencing at the Navitas English campus have access to all the facilities offered at the  Curtin University Perth campus, but you also access all the benefits Navitas has to offer to their English language students. The best of both worlds!

Curtin English and Navitas are working closely together to be sure that the students receive the right level of support and reach the right level before transferring to Curtin. We believe that this unique collaborative arrangement brings great benefits for our students.