General English (GE)

Having a strong foundation in English will set you on the right path to academic success.

Our engaging General English course is ideal for building your language skills for every day situations. Delivered in partnership with Navitas English, you will be starting your journey at the modern school located in Perth’s city centre. You can expect to learn English together with a diverse mix of nationalities in state-of-the-art classroom facilities.

On reaching an equivalent of IELTS 5, you will transfer to the Gateway Program at Curtin English on the vibrant Bentley university campus where you will develop your language skills at a higher level.

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About the General English course

General English is suitable for students at elementary/intermediate levels (lower than IELTS 5.0). The focus will be on developing your confidence in using English when living, studying or working in an English-speaking environment.

What the course involves

You will learn general English and other language skills that you can use in everyday situations. Each level comprises two ten-week blocks.


You will be assessed on your listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar.

Course essentials

CRICOS code: 094519B
Duration (each level): 20 weeks
Weekly contact hours: 20
English level required for entry:

  • General English 1: IELTS 3.0 overall or equivalent
  • General English 2: IELTS 4.0 overall or equivalent

If your IELTS scores are lower than IELTS 3.0, or you have not undertaken an IELTS test, please contact Curtin University to discuss your study opportunities.

Course pathways: Successful completion of one level will allow you to gain entry into the level above.  If you are on an academic pathway to Curtin University or Curtin College, you will transition to the Bentley campus after you complete your General English course.

Apply for this course

Learn the different ways you can apply – depending on if you are applying only for the English course, applying to Curtin and this course is a pathway, or applying to Curtin College.