English Language Bridging (ELB)

If you are from a non-English speaking background, English Language Bridging (ELB) is an accelerated academic English program that will prepare you for study at Curtin University.

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ELB provides entry into most Curtin degree programs if you successfully complete the course and meet your required exit score. You should choose this course if you want to develop your academic English skills or if you have a conditional offer from Curtin requiring you to attend ELB and obtain a satisfactory English Language Assessment and Academic Language Report.

Depending on your current level of English, you can undertake the 17-week, 10-week or 2-week ELB program.

Sample ELB timetable See what a typical week studying our ELB course may look like.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

(120 mins)

Unit 3 - identifying main ideas

Sentence structures and linkers

Using databases to research academic papers

Unit 3 - discourse markers and lexis

Handbook of spoken grammar activities

Vocabulary review

Learner journal activity

(120 mins)

Stages in discussions


Research project outlines

NOW note taking technique

Study techniques - 'Recitation' MP4

Short answer Ws

Summary writing

In-class assessment - summary from NOW notes

Teacher feedback and student feed forward

Grammar workshop


Vocabulary - prefixes

Grammar - punctuation

Take NOW notes from source texts

Project outline and NOW source text notes

Complete text book tasks

Online activity - avoiding and identifying plagiarism

Grammar - articles

Preview and annotate Week 4 reading texts

*example only – timetables are subject to change.

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Our English Language Bridging course will develop English Language skills and academic literacy in reading, writing, listening and speaking for direct entry into your Curtin University courses.

Find out more about the course, and entry requirements.

Frequently asked questions

We can help you out with any questions you have about admissions, courses and being a student. If you can’t find the answer please contact email us on study@curtin.edu.au or call us on 1300 222 888 or +61 8 9266 5888.

What do I need to apply for the ELB course?

You can find help and guidance on the application process on our ‘how to apply for Curtin English courses‘ page.

How do I get a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)?

A CoE is issued when:

  • You have signed and completed acceptance forms for the courses you will be studying,
  • Provided proof of payment (or confirm if you are sponsored by a government or an organisation).
  • Signed the terms & conditions for “Free 10 Week English Language Program” that will be attached to your Letter of Offer (if eligible).

What are the ELB entry requirements?

You need to have an IELTS of 1.0 band below your letter of offer for the 17-week course or 0.5 band below for the 10-week course. The equivalent scores on another recognised test such as the TOEFL or Pearsons will also be accepted.

If you have met your overall entry score but fall just 0.5 short in one skill, then you can take the ELB 2 week course

Find out how many weeks of English training you need: our Curtin English pathways calculator uses your IELTS scores to plan your English language journey.

How many ELB intakes are there every year?

There are a total of three intakes for the 17 week course, three intakes for the 10 week course and three intakes for the 2 week course.

See our course dates page for more information.

How many class contact hours are there in a week?

There are a total of 20 contact hours per week.

Do I need to do an IELTS test after the ELB course to meet Curtin's entry requirements?

No. You are not required to do an IELTS test after the ELB course. You need to pass the course with the grade stated on your university letter of offer.

I didn’t meet the ELB entry requirements, what should I do?

Curtin English offers General English and Gateway English that lead into the ELB course. The duration of your course will depend on your current English level. Please contact study@curtin.edu.au for more information about your study plan.

You can also use our Curtin English pathways calculator to find out how many weeks of English training you need.


CRICOS code: 003896G
Curtin course code: BR-ENGL