Curtin English course fees

Course fees for English Language Bridging, Gateway English and our customised programs.

Students who need to improve their English proficiency before beginning their studies may be eligible to receive AUD$6,295 toward their English tuition*.
*Terms and Conditions apply.

Fees are in AUD$.

English Language Bridging (ELB) course fees


ELB 17 weeks total

$9,825 (plus enrolment fee $270)

ELB 16 weeks total (only for students completing Gateway)


ELB 10 weeks total

$6,025 (plus enrolment fee $270)
ELB 2 weeks total$3,975 (plus enrolment fee $270)

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Gateway English course fees

Weeks 2020
Per week$485 (plus enrolment fee $270)
6$2,910 (plus enrolment fee $270)
12$5,820 (plus enrolment fee $270)
18$8,730 (plus enrolment fee $270)
24$11,640 (plus enrolment fee $270)

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Gateway English 4 (24 weeks)Gateway English 3 (18 weeks)

Gateway English 2 (12 weeks)Gateway English 1 (6 weeks)

Professional development programs

Customised professional development program fees will vary depending on the program length, number of teaching hours and type of excursions. For program fees and schedules, please email our Coordinator Customised Programs on

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Refund, payment and fee enquiries

Read our Refund Policy [189 kB]. For all fee-related enquiries, please visit our fees website.

Fee changes

Curtin English reserves the right to increase fees at any time and to cancel a course if there is an insufficient number of candidates. In the event of the cancellation of a course, all fees will be refunded.