At Curtin University, your course fees depend on which course units you take. If your chosen course units differ from one semester (or trimester) to the next, the amount you pay may also differ from one semester (or trimester) to the next.

How your fees are calculated

  • Tuition fees for Curtin University courses are based on a normal full-time workload of 100 credits per semester (200 credits per year) unless stated otherwise.
  • If you study more than 100 credits per semester, you will have a higher annual tuition fee.
  • The tuition fee is calculated and charged on a semester basis. Some courses require additional payments for retainable materials and course-related fees.

Estimating your tuition fees

To view estimated course fees, visit our course offerings website and select your area of interest to view available courses.

To obtain the cost of specific units, visit the fees page or use our fee calculator.

Paying your fees

As an international student, you are required to pay the first semester tuition fees before you arrive in Australia. The amount required depends on your chosen course and will be stated on your Letter of Offer. Please note that this amount is only an approximation and may change later depending on which course units you select.

When you are ready to make a payment there are a few options. The university’s preferred method of payment is Curtin ePay however we also offer additional options, please visit our payment options page.

For subsequent semesters, you’ll need to pay your tuition fees by the due date shown on your eInvoice.

Requesting a refund

You may request a refund or withdrawal if you:

  • withdrew before the census date
  • withdrew after the census date due to special circumstances
  • have overpaid your fees
  • made an error online with Curtin ePay
  • overpaid your incidental fees or no longer require your materials.

View the refunds and withdrawal page for the most up-to-date information as our refund policy is subject to change.