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Course units

Subjects at Curtin are called units (you may call them courses or modules.) Generally, one unit worth 25 credits. However, some units may be worth 12.5 credits or 50 credits.

The minimum enrolment is 75 credits per semester and the maximum is 100 credits per semester.

Selecting course units

The Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs at Curtin allow you to choose units from any study area, with restrictions on nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy and physiotherapy, which require you to be undertaking a degree in these fields.

You must have approval from Curtin for each unit you wish to take. Curtin will check that you meet the prerequisites for each unit before your enrolment.

Before selecting your units, we recommend you:

  • consider the pre-approved units
  • read the Curtin unit description
  • carefully check the prerequisites for the units that interest you
  • check the units are offered in the semester you intend to study at Curtin and are offered at the Bentley Campus in Perth
  • ensure your home university approves your study choices if required.

Please note: it is your responsibility to arrange credit transfer with your home university.

Pre-approved units

Curtin University has a range of pre-approved units across all study areas to make your unit choice and application as easy as possible. These are available to both Study Abroad and Student Exchange students. If you select a pack of pre-approved units, your application can be processed faster.

Changing your units

You may change units during the first week of semester. After the first week, you may withdraw from a class (as long as you maintain at least 75 credits) but you are unable to add a new class.

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