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Courses and entry requirements

Curtin offers more than 100 courses in applied, practical subjects with a strong emphasis on industry links and international, cultural and Indigenous awareness. Curtin’s courses are designed with careers in mind. You can get involved in mentoring programs, voluntary work and industry placements to help you gain the knowledge and skills employers look for.

English requirements

Curtin University courses are taught in English and there are minimum English language requirements you must meet. If you don’t have the required level of English proficiency, you could apply to enrol in a Curtin English program to help you improve your English language skills.

Teaching periods

Curtin has 17 weeks per semester, with two semesters per year. Each semester is made up of 12 teaching weeks, two tuition free weeks, one study week and two exam weeks. We encourage you to use your tuition free weeks to explore Western Australia. Some courses are taught on a trimester basis.

For all the important dates like exams, study periods and holidays, view the Curtin academic calendar.

Course units

Subjects at Curtin are called units (you may call them courses or modules). Generally, one unit is worth 25 credits. However, some units may be worth 12.5 credits or 50 credits.

The minimum enrolment is 75 credits per semester and the maximum is 100 credits per semester.

You must have approval from Curtin for each unit you wish to take. Curtin will check that you meet the prerequisites for each unit before your enrolment.

Find out more about selecting course units.

Study areas

  • Agriculture, environment and sustainability
    • Gain a deep understanding of the living world and ways to protect it by studying a course related to agriculture, environment and sustainability at Curtin.
  • Architecture and construction
    • If you want to evolve urban living and workspaces, consider studying one of our architecture and construction courses.
  • The arts and creative industries
    • Express yourself in the on-campus film studio, theatre, art and design studios, and digital creativity labs at Curtin when you study one of our arts and creative industries courses.
  • Business, management and law
    • Our business, management and law courses are dynamic and industry-focused and take you to the heart of real business.
  • Culture, language and Indigenous
    • Prepare for a career in communications, social sciences, international relations or languages by studying one of our culture, language or Indigenous courses.
  • Education
    • Learn how you can make a difference to a child’s future by studying one of our education courses.
  • Engineering and mining
    • Get hands-on industry training in building, design and process by studying an engineering or mining course at Curtin.
  • Health
    • If you’d like to help other people as part of an effective healthcare team, you may be interested in studying one of our health courses.
  • IT and computing
    • Acquire skills in revolutionary areas of computer science and technology by studying one of our IT and computing courses.
  • Physical sciences and mathematics
    • Pursue a career in an environment of pioneering research and innovation by studying one of our physical sciences and mathematics courses.

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