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Offshore partners

Curtin is a vibrant, global university with campuses in Perth, Sydney, Singapore and Sarawak, a strong presence in South-East Asia and partnerships with over 90 institutions worldwide.

You could add a global focus to your degree by studying your course at more than one Curtin campus, or choose to study an offshore Curtin program in your home country at one of our partnership institutions.

Transfer between campuses

Curtin’s transfer pathways give you the flexibility to study your degree at more than one Curtin campus at no interruption to your studies.  All aspects of the curriculum and the calibre of academic staff remain constant between Sarawak, Singapore, Sydney and Perth.

Please note: Not all degrees are offered at every campus.

Study a Curtin course in your home country

With a strong network of affiliates around the world, you can choose to study a Curtin course with one of our offshore partners.

We deliver courses at education institutions in Hong Kong, China, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Singapore giving you options to study a degree in your home country without the expense of living away from home.

You will have the same status as students studying at Curtin Australia, will study the same subjects and undertake the same exams. In many programs, Curtin academic staff visit the partner institution and run intensive lectures. The course content and examinations are prepared and graded by Curtin staff.

To apply for a course at a partner institution, contact: